TriSort Automatic Sorting Scale

Big Dutchman TriSort allows fully automatic sorting of growers and finishers into either 2 or 3 groups according to weight. It can also automatically mark under or over weight pigs with separate colors.

TriSort is one of the strongest sorters on the market. It is manufactured from heavy duty stainless steel plate and pipe. All electronic parts and pneumatic solenoids are safely shielded inside a stainless steel casing. The on-board controller in the TriSort provides detailed information such as uniformity, average weight and daily gain

Pen profiles – easy-to-assemble, flexible, hygienic and robust


Big Dutchman pen profiles consist of individual profile boards with a thickness of 35 mm (1.38”) which are available in different heights (starting at 250 mm; 9.8”). Two different profile types are available: with and without closed-off edge. The profile board with this closing edge is used as first and last board when the desired height is reached. This makes for a clean closure and thus optimum hygienic conditions. As with any slot-in system, the indivi- dual profile boards can be connected quickly and easily without additional tools to form a strong bond. The profile boards can also be delivered pre-assembled. The length is variable, i.e. the boards are custom-cut according to the order. The boards can also be cut to size directly on site.

Depending on the ventilation system and on customer requirements, one or more galvanized 1” tubes can be installed on top of the profiles by means of a tube adapter attached to the stands. Heights of 800, 1000 or 1100 mm (31.5”, 39.4” or 43.3”) combinations can thus easily be realized.



    • Weighs pigs continuously
      • To monitor daily rates of gain
      • To sort pigs that meet target weights
    • Sorts pigs with no extra man-hours, no wrong decisions, and NO stress for pigs!
    • Classifies up to 10 weight groups
    • Can be connected with a computerized dry or liquid feeding system from Big Dutchman
    • Perfect management tool for large pig groups – Monitors multiple barns and farms on your computer


The entrance has a double door, which ensures accurate weighing


TriSort with two selection exits


The weighing unit itself is equipped with a nonslip floor which provides more stability for the pig inside the scale.