Housing equipment for modern piglet rearing and finishing

Innovative penning systems for piglets and finishing pigs


In addition to optimum feeding technology Big Dutchman is also able to offer you animal-friendly, easy-to-clean housing systems for piglet rearing as well as finishing. Our flexible modular system allows the design of any type of pen size independent of the building conditions and barn dimensions.

The Big Dutchman penning system includes:

    • Pen profiles made of PVC in blue or light grey
    • Pen supports made of stainless steel
    • Stands and reinforcing stands made of stainless steel
    • Concrete head pieces
    • Doors

Pen profiles – easy-to-assemble, flexible, hygienic and robust

Big Dutchman pen profiles consist of individual profile boards with a thickness of 35 mm (1.38”) which are available in different heights (starting at 250 mm; 9.8”). Two different profile types are available: with and without closed-off edge. The profile board with this closing edge is used as first and last board when the desired height is reached. This makes for a clean closure and thus optimum hygienic conditions. As with any slot-in system, the indivi- dual profile boards can be connected quickly and easily without additional tools to form a strong bond. The profile boards can also be delivered pre-assembled. The length is variable, i.e. the boards are custom-cut according to the order. The boards can also be cut to size directly on site.

Depending on the ventilation system and on customer requirements, one or more galvanized 1” tubes can be installed on top of the profiles by means of a tube adapter attached to the stands. Heights of 800, 1000 or 1100 mm (31.5”, 39.4” or 43.3”) combinations can thus easily be realized.


Sectional cut trough the profile boards with and without closed-off edge


Slot-in system for easy assembly


Single-hand lock for easy opening and closing of the door


Stands, supports and door posts are made of stainless steel thus ensuring the stability of the pen

Reinforcing stands and concrete head pieces ensure high stability

Based on the size of the pen, for example in large group pens for finishing pigs or group housing of sows, it might be necessary to install special reinforcing stands or concrete head pieces. They ensure an even greater stability of the entire pen.


Reinforcing stand


Reinforcing stands installed in the waiting area


Concrete head piece

Advantages of the Big Dutchman penning system:

    • The height of the closed wall can be variable which might be important in regard to the ventilation system
    • Few, simple building parts for easy assembly, no external assistance required
    • Single-hand locking of door elements
    • Long service life thanks to use of durable materials such as stainless steel and plastic profiles in the animal area
    • Smooth surface areas for thorough cleaning and therefore better hygienic conditions inside the barn
    • Can be used for all types of management

Housing variants for piglets and finishing pigs:

Depending on customer requirements and the building conditions, the penning system can be designed to meet any type of situation. If a dry feeding system is used, for example, the automatic feeders can stand in the pen or they can be installed at the pen partition. If the compartments are wider than 3.00 m (9.84 ft) it is recommended to install a divided door, no matter whether this concerns piglet rearing or finishing pens. The divided door facilitates moving the pigs in and out.


Piglet rearing pens with automatic feeders inside the pens


Piglet rearing pens with divided door and liquid feeding system


Finishing pens with main corridor and automatic feeders installed in the pen partitions

Use of a divided door

Using a divided door facilitates moving pigs in and out and makes this task easier, especially in large pens as it is no longer necessary to open and close the entire pen partition to serve as door.

As an option we offer a divided door where one side of the door can be opened towards the outside, i.e. towards the aisle, and the other side towards the pen.

Partitions made of plastic – the hygienic and inexpensive solution

To divide the compartments, Big Dutchman offers its customers partitions made of plastic which are a good and inexpensive alternative to brickwork partitions. The plastic partitions can easily be cleaned after every batch for optimum hygienic conditions in the barn.

The individual profile boards are 35 mm (1.38”) thick and 500 mm (19.7”) wide. In the ceiling and wall area, they are fixed with channel profiles or L-profiles. The profiles are also available in stain- less steel on request.

Useful accessories for your piglet or finishing house

Big Dutchman’s broad product range also includes play chains with chew balls and the respective fixtures. These toys keep the pigs occupied thus reducing their aggressive- ness towards each other and also reducing bad behavior such as tail or ear biting.

Different types of fixtures are available depending on whether the fixture is to be installed at the barn wall, in a corner of the barn or at a centre partition.


Play chain with chew ball:
Left for finishing pigs, right for piglets