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The Rally Rooter or “Düsser Wühlturm” (as it was called by its German engineers) is an enrichment device for pigs of all ages that can be placed inside large pens of finishers or sows. The animals are able to rally around and play with the loosely supported tube to root out forage particles placed inside. This enables them to carry out natural behavior, which in turn helps to reduce boredom and distract from unnatural behavior patterns such as tail biting or unwanted aggression.

Use long or short fiber materials such as straw or hay and easily add nutritional fiber to your sow’s diet. Simply lower the height of the material tube to increase the challenge or change the foraging material to add variety. The rooter will never lose its novelty with your pigs.


  • Provides continuous enrichment to occupy bored pigs
  • Allows animals to simulate natural behavior and satisfy their drive to root
  • Adds nutritional fiber to sow diet
  • Trials show that the Rooter distracts from unwanted behavior against fellow pen mates:
    • Preventing tail biting
    • Reducing aggression among sows in pen gestation

The Rooter adds a valuable enrichment for sows in pen gestation


  • Rooter can be placed inside a pen or it can be included in pen partition to satisfy two groups of pigs at once.
  • Use on solid or fully-slatted doors
  • Use either long or short fiber rooting materials such as straw, hay, or other forage
  • Easily alter the gap between tube and base plate using the height adjusting lever
  • The base plate allows rooting on a clean surface and minimizes wastage
  • Non-consumed rooting material is minimal so there is no negative effect on the slurry system
  • Height: 51.5”, Width: 19.5”, Base plate: 26 x 22.5 x 1.9”

Use in a partition to occupy two groups at once.