The Nursery Barn

Big Dutchman weaned pig pens are equipped either completely or partially with our animal-friendly and anti-slip plastic flooring system. Rounded edges protect the pig against injuries. The optimum solid-to-void ratio ensures good manure penetration thus keeping the floor clean and promoting healthy pig. The slats are available in 2 different sizes and can also be delivered with only 10 % slatted area. The slats are easily and quickly assembled and have a long service life.

If required, heating plates can easily be incorporated. They consist of high-quality polymer concrete, plastic or GRP and are heated either electrically or by means of warm water.

The penning system consists of flexibly usable, dimension-independent plastic partitions. Door fittings, pen posts and accessories are made of stainless steel. Feed for piglet rearing can be supplied either dry or liquid. If the DryRapid dry feeding system is used, the Big Dutchman automatic feeders PigNic, SWING or MultiPorc are most appropriate.



If the pigs are to be fed with liquid feed, we offer Big Dutchman’s liquid feeding system WetMix with sensors.