Gestation Barn Solutions

Free Access Stalls

Pen Gestation with Free-access Stalls

Sows can move freely in the group but are fed in stalls.

The HD Free-access stalls close automatically when the sow enters the stall and are again opened by the sow, when she wants to leave the stall.


    • Sows can move freely
    • All sows have a separate stall to be fed individually and without stress. 
    • Excellent monitoring 
    • No training required
    • Stalls can be locked separately, from the front or back of the stall or in groups
    • The stall is easily accessible with walk-through door



Features of the HD stall:

    • The heavy-duty stall is made of 1” hot-dip galvanized steel tubing 
    • The solid 1.1” diameter hot-dip galvanized feet ensure a long service life
    • Dimensions: 2.30 m (8ft) long and 620 mm (24.4”) wide
    • Adjustable spring tension operation for easy sow entry/exit;
    • The rear door can only be unlocked from the exiting sow;
    • Bolted head to head stalls are also available.