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Electronic Sow Feeding


Pen Gestation with CallMatic 2 Electronic Sow Feeding

CallMatic 2 is the most advanced automatic feeding system for sows kept in groups (pen gestation), which provides true individual animal nutrition.

Why group housing?

    • Growing concern for animal welfare, demanding that sows are no longer confined to gestation stalls, will be turning into legislation all over the world
    • It allows the sows freedom of movement, social interaction and much more comfort
    • With proper management, sows enjoy better health and robustness and will thus show excellent performance

Pen Gestation with CallMatic 2 ESF

    • One station feeds up to 60 sows in one group. 
    • Sows carry RFID ear tags, so they can be identified by the feeding station to receive their individual feed ration.
    • Each station has its own controller, but all stations can be monitored and controlled from the central PC.


Technical Features and Advantages

    • Direct access to ALL data at each station!
    • Very robust feeding station
    • Solid side partitions allow undisturbed feed intake and are removable for emergency opening
    • Stations can be customized to fit individual requirements
    • A shutter flap on the trough helps train and guide sows to eat or leave the station
    • Manual operation of feed station at any time
    • Very precise feed metering
    • Two hoppers per station for 2 different diets
    • Mineral dispenser for additives
    • Color-marking unit with up to 3 colors
    • Automatic selection
    • Heat detection