free movement pen-01

Free movement pen with piglet protection bars, and ample freedom of movement for the sow

Big Dutchman’s newly-developed freemovement pen consists of the piglet protection bars, piglet nest, floor system and the pen partition. This pen complies to animal-welfare standards and provides the sow with ample freedom of movement after farrowing.

Close to the sow’s birthing date, the piglet protection bars can be closed in order to make it easier for the farm staff to treat the sow, if necessary, and to minimise the risk of piglets getting crushed. Let our experts advise you on optimal products for housing and feeding of sows for successful piglet production.


  • Removable 4-leg piglet protection bars provides ample freedom of movement for the sow
  • Animal-friendly housing; 4 fixation of the sow close to due date
  • Reduces the risk of piglet losses; 4 specially-designed door of the piglet protection bars allows the farm staff to provide easy assistance during birthing; 4 well thought-out design
  • Easy to open and to close; 4 the side part of the piglet protection bars also acts as anti-lying bar
  • Piglet protection; 4 low pen partitions in the area of the inspection aisle
  • For easy monitoring and a better overview; 4 the piglet nest can be positioned close to the sow‘s head
  • For better eye contact between the sow and piglets; 4 floor system can be laid out flexibly; 4 minimum pen dimensions 2 x 2.6 m
  • 2.5 m2 space for the sow.