Let sows chose and you stay in control!

EasySlider is a new sow-activated and computer controlled feeding system applied in farrowing pens. It consists of a dosing device, mounted below the volume dispenser, which dispenses small portions of feed into the trough upon activation of the pendulum by the sow. While feed curves control each sow’s feed allowance based on individual requirements like age, weight, condition and number of piglets, the sows themselves can determine when to eat and how much to ask for each time.

The EasySlider system combines individual and controlled feeding with adlib feed access for each sow and at the same time eliminates the rather stressful predetermined feeding times. Big Dutchman’s BigFarmNet management program allows for intelligent control of feeding and monitors each sow’s appetite, feed consumption and thus well-being.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Easy management of feeding lactating sows individually (with feed curves)
  • Automatic monitoring of feed consumption and sow health with BigFarmNet
  • Eliminates noisy predetermined feeding times: no interruptions during suckling, fewer piglet injuries, less stress.
  • Meals can be distributed over the entire day, which has a positive effect on digestion and lactation.
  • Feed is always freshly dispensed: improved hygiene
  • Almost no old feed is left in the trough: minimal feed loss.
  • Sows are quieter
  • The EasySlider unit is simple to remove, so all feed pipes can be cleaned thoroughly and with ease

Sows tend to eat and drink more and more often – as is beneficial to lactating sows and their piglets. The sows loose less weight and piglets gain weight faster. Statements from pilot runs show that sows are in better condition when returning to service and need less feed during gestation. Field trials confirm significant overall feed savings, which themselves would allow for a ROI of three years per sow place.


What makes this product unique?

EasySlider’s 24V operation allows the unit to run quietly so feed delivery does not startle or disturb other sows. The design of the device also allows for easy AND complete cleaning of all feed pipes. The EasySlider unit is part of an intelligent feeding concept which encourages sows to initiate feeding when they chose to eat. The concept is also unique in that it is controlled by the BigFarmNet Manager program which not only facilitates feed curves but also monitors feed and animal data during lactation and throughout all phases of sow production.