Flexible Farrowing System

BDSWING offers easy management, sow comfort, and safety for the piglets.

  • Piglet safety – Your piglets will have a more defined area for comfort and safety
  • Sow comfort – Adjustable space for any size gilt or parity sow
  • FLEXSPACE – Multiple configurations to meet any space requirement
  • Easy Space – Many features to make management easy to reduce labor

BDSWING is the ideal crate for a complete farrowing pen solution to reduce labor time, increase piglet livability and sow comfort.


The BDSWING farrowing crate offers more options and flexibility to optimize the space for your sow and piglets. Options include a straight, angled, or diagonal crate position.

The angled crate allows us to provide more space for the sow, and safe nesting area for the piglets, resulting in less mortality and higher profits for you.

Installing the BDSWING as a diagonal crate is a great option when retrofitting your existing farrowing barn. This allows for a longer crate in a smaller pen, and the SWINGSIDE provides for easy in, easy out.


BDSWING crate, along with the other components of the farrowing pen, creates an ideal environment for the piglets during this critical phase:

  • Creep area – A more defined nest area for the piglets will improve safety and comfort.
  • Piglet saver – Maximize piglet livability by ensuring safe movement of the sow.
  • Heating options – Electric heat pads, heat lamps, and BDCOVER can be used together or independently.
  • Drinker – Multiple drinker options for easy access to fresh drinking water.


The BDSWING maximizes sow comfort, and offers flexibility:

  • Adjustability – Bow or finger bar sides adjust in width, and the back door adjusts in length to accommodate for both gilts, and older parity sows.
  • Safe and comfortable – Piglet protection feature keeps your piglets safe, and your sow comfortable.
  • SWINGSIDE – Ability to swing the side open wide ensures a stress-free easy in / out transition for the sow.


The intelligent design of BDSWING and the Big Dutchman farrowing pen options allow for easy management and maximum convenience:

  • BDSWING opens completely, allowing the sow to turn around before exiting the pen, providing convenient moving in and out of sows even without front door.
  • Convenient for workers, as all areas of the pen are easily accessible.
  • Easy cleaning and disinfecting of pen allows for highest level of hygiene
  • When using the nest with cover option, piglets can easily be checked from both sides of the pen by simply flipping open the cover.

“I switched to the BDSWING farrowing crate for my 5.5’ x 8’ pens because of the excellent design and flexibility. I chose this crate because it adjusts well to all my sows, and the finger bars keep my piglets safe.”

“Using the angled pen position allows me to use the BDCOVER, which creates a safe nest area and excellent micro-environment for the piglets. I think this nest is perfect, because the piglets love it and I know they’re safe. But I believe our numbers speak for themselves – most of my sows are producing between 14 and 18 piglets right now, and I have a mortality rate of 6 to 8%, with practically 0% mortality from crushing.”

Francis Jolin St-Laurent

Farm Manager