Cool Box


Single room cooling system made of high-quality plasticcoolbox-1

Big Dutchman’s Coolbox is an innovative cooling system, which is perfectly suited for pig barns with a central corridor or for smaller barn rooms. Moreover, in the case of poor water quality, Coolbox is a better alternative compared to conventional cellulose pad cooling systems.

Coolbox consists of a high-quality plastic pad and a frame made of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP).
Coolbox is available in different sizes with different air capacities: 5 000 m3/h, 10 000 m3/h and 20 000 m3/h.


Implementation of a submerged pump for the water supply of CoolBox

    • The plastic pad is resistant to poor quality water (salts, iron, algae) so there is no negative influence on the system’s efficiency
    • The plastic pad lasts a lot longer than comparable pad systems made of cellulose
    • The large surface area of the plastic material guarantees high cooling capacities
    • Coolbox is delivered ready-mounted. Thus there is no time-consuming assembly
    • Easy installation and maintenance