High Pressure fogging system

CombiCool is a specially designed high-pressure fogging system for cooling, humidifying and wetting the pigs, especially in houses divided into several compartments . The special SST nozzles are characterized by very low passage rates but an extremely high passage speed. This creates a very fine aerosol fog that is distributed evenly all over the compartment and is immediately absorbed by the hot air and so secures a comfortable temperature. Furthermore, CombiCool can be used for humidifying the in-house air throughout the whole year providing optimum humidity conditions.


Mode of operation:
If the temperature rises above the preset level, the climate computer MC 235 activates the cooling system. The pump switches on and the main duct is loaded with a pressure of approximately 60 bar. A high-pressure valve which is installed over every compartment opens and a fine aerosol fog is sprayed into the space through the nozzles. The multi-step filter unit which is installed in front of the pump prevents foreign matter from blocking the nozzles


Central pump with 4-step filter


Implementation of a submerged pump for the water supply of CoolBox