Climate Computer MC 135 for every pig house


The MC 135 controls the entire house climate, including temperature and humidity control as well as humidification, cooling and wetting.


The most important characteristics at a glance:

Temperature Adjustment:

    • The MC 135 is a PID climate computer, i.e. the house temperature can be easily adjusted to the required temperature level.

Simple Installation and Flexibility:

    • The MC 135 is equipped with a Compact Flash Card, which simplifies the installation of new software and user-adapted configurations, and also enables the farmer to store a backup copy of settings of his climate computer.

User Friendly:

    • The MC 135 has a large display, which graphically displays any relevant curve progression.
    • The user friendly menu allows for immediate access to important daily functions.


    • The MC 135 provides different user levels, which are protected by passwords; non-authorized persons therefore are not able to change the computer settings.


    • The hardware is designed as a modular system, i.e. whenever new house functions are needed, the MC 135 can be expanded without difficulty.

Important functions of MC 135/235 based on the extension stage:

    • “Real air“ control => indication of exhaust air volume in m3/h (cfm)
    • Control of multiple heat sources
    • Control of cooling and humidifying
    • Humidity control with/without heat
    • Exhaust air control via MultiStep® for minimum power consumption
    • Control of under-floor suction and floor heating
    • Extended curve control (temperature, heat, humidity, floor heating, minimum and maximum ventilation)
    • Cycle-controlled ventilation during minimum ventilation
    • Separate control of two winch motors
    • Extra ventilation
    • Light control
    • Trend curve
    • Pause-function (wetting/washing/drying)
    • Frost protection for empty houses
    • Integration of PC program InfoMatic
    • Log-file for fail-safe alarm and operational data
    • Access codes