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BigFarmNet is a revolution in the big barn – not more and not less.

With this unique and innovative technology, Big Dutchman puts an end to the confusing variety of parallel computer programs on your farm. As of now, all of your controllers, computers and sensors will be able to communicate with each other. And you will be able to control and administer your entire farm with just one single software for all applications: no matter whether it concerns a sow and/ or finishing barn, feeding or climate, just one house or an entire farm complex. BigFarmNet is the all-in-one solution for your farm – even if it is spread among several locations.

What is BigFarmNet?
The future for your pig barn. BigFarmNet is a system which allows you to control, monitor and manage all computers and controllers on your farm from a central location.


3D-images show a realistic view of your farm. Simply click on the individual houses to directly access the installed systems. Climate, feeding, evaluations, settings: the menu navigation is consistent throughout which makes for easy access to all important functions and information.

Even the feeding system is represented with 3-D images exactly as it is in reality, in operation. Manual adjustments can be made directly via the 3-D images.


Save your valuable time: user rights, master data, pig movements, feed curves or temperature settings only have to be entered once. The data are synchronized on all linked controllers and computers directly upon entry. Automatically and in real-time. Multiple entries (even when pigs are moved to a different pen!) are no longer necessary.


BigFarmNet provides a maximum operational reliability during everyday use. Each of the linked computers can operate on its own. Should an interruption of the connection occur, the software re-distributes all data without loss. Any parallel changes made at not-connected computers are automatically synchronized once the connection is reactivated again. Production and climate alarms are displayed together. The alarm message includes exact details regarding the problem and location. In case of trouble, the farm manager is able to react very quickly because he has direct access to all controls.

How future-proof is BigFarmNet?
Absolutely future-proof. Every control unit can operate by itself. If the connection is interrupted, the system synchronizes all data once the connection is re-established again. In addition, BigFarmNet is ISOagriNET-interface-compatible.


The future is not expensive. All systems of the Big Dutchman »Pro«- Series are already BigFarmNet-ready – without extra costs. Only the communication between the monitoring PCs and the control units results in additional costs, and not even the networking can stand in the way of a successful revolution in your barn: in regard to the network technology, we used standard components which can be installed easily and economically by any certified electrician.

Do I have to buy everything new?
No. Most Big Dutchman control units can simply be upgraded. You can still operate individual systems without interconnection and then upgrade to BigFarmNet step by step.