FLUXX Broiler Feeding Pan

The patent pending FLUXX broiler feeding system is the industries most innovative broiler feeding pan. The FLUXX system has been farm tested around the world, proving to be the best at faster starts and bigger birds.

Broiler Drinking System

To achieve optimum performance from your birds, it is extremely important to provide fresh and clean drinking water. A reliable water supply free from contamination and within easy reach of the birds must be available. Big Dutchman satisfies all these requirements through a wide range of drinking systems for broilers, turkeys, breeders, as well as pullets and layers.



FLUXXBREEDER Feeding Pan (female)

Designed specifically for feeding your Female breeders, the FLUXXBREEDER Feeding Pan will fulfill your female’s feeding requirements while keeping the male roosters from feeding from the same pan. With adjustable feeding windows, easy assembly, and other important features, you’ll find the FLUXXBREEDER feeding pan to be an effective pan for feeding your next flock.

MALEPAN (rooster) Feeding Pan

Separately feeding roosters with the MALEPAN is ideal for presenting a uniform and consistent amount of feed, resulting in roosters with high fertility. Feeding males separately guarantees that all males receive the specified amount of feed, allowing for the use of different feed mixes for hens and males.

Nest Systems

Big Dutchman’s NXB Nests and Egg collection systems provide the flexibility of single belt or double belt egg collection to fit your needs. Our broiler breeder nest systems create a safe, secure, and clean environment for your hens to lay their eggs, while the egg collection provides gentle transportation for for eggs, giving you a higher yield of good eggs.

Champion Chain Feeding System

Flexible, efficient and productive, the Champion™ Chain Feeding System provides superior feed flow in an easy-to-install, low-maintenance, and durable package. Those using the Champion™ Chain Feeding System find that it improves their production as well as their profits.

Breeder Drinking System

Drinking systems for a reliable supply of fresh and clean drinking water. Big Dutchman’s watering systems deliver a consistent, reliable, even distribution of water to your entire flock. The design of the system prevents water spillage to keep the environment clean, and to save on water waste.