NATURAFilia is a two-tier rearing aviary system

NATURAFilia is ideal for raising healthy and uniform pullets, and is designed for day old chicks, and pullets. The birds can easily reach feed and water on both levels.

Chick bridges and ramps help the birds to move from one level to the other and to reach the littered area. NATURAFilia is available in two widths: 73.5″ (1866 mm) and 88.2″ (2239 mm). Let our experts advise you on how to find the best solution for your individual requirements.


  • Intermediate levels inside the system help train the pullets to jump and fly even at a very early age (while the system is still closed) –> system can be opened very early on and the pullets can use the littered area extensively
  • Sliding partitions every 58.5″ (1485 mm) reduce stress during moving in and out and when catching the birds for vaccination while also improving productivity thanks to optimum section dimensions
  • Raised system –> area under the system is used as littered area and can be closed off automatically in the start phase;
  • Optimum ratio between usable area and feeding space for ideal utilization of the house
  • Flexible front grilles for optimum accessibility and easy inspection
  • Height-adjustable pipe above the feed trough protects the trough against dirt and reduces feed wastage
  • Height-adjustable drinkers for optimum water supply at all ages
  • Foldable approach perches ensure easy access at all times
  • Zinc-aluminum coating of bottom grilles prevents corrosion
  • Available with or without air duct.

The large height of the individual aviary levels (35.8″) allows a very open design. The farm staff are easily able to access both levels. Intermediate levels inside the aviary increase the surface area of the system. This ensures sufficient room for all birds.