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UniVENT Layer Management System

Enjoy cost-effective production with the Univent Layer Cage System.

The Big Dutchman UniVENT Layer Cage System provides an ideal environment for bird comfort and maximum egg production. Univent cages provide:

  • A superior feeding system
  • Efficient, automated manure removal
  • A cleaner house environment

UniVENT cages are easy to assemble and can be stacked up to eight tiers high. The UniVENT system with air duct significantly reduces the ammonia levels compared to traditional manure installations. UniVENT’s air duct ventilates manure quickly and effectively, providing up to 60% dry matter (or 40% moisture) with low energy costs. Automated manure removal breaks the fly reproductive cycle and removes the source of ammonia from the building.

In colder climates, incoming air is pre-heated using an air mixer or heat exchanger, maintaining the appropriate temperature and air quality. Even during extremely high temperatures, each hen is provided with sufficient oxygen to ensure optimum hen performance, year-round.


Big Dutchman’s Champion™ Chain Feeding System is the most reliable and cost effective feeding system in the world.

The Champion Chain presents feed at pre-set levels and allows birds easy access to feed.

EGGCELLENT Egg collection system.

Big Dutchman’s new EggCellent egg collector uses an innovative design to provide high volume egg collection with less adjustments and maintenance and still providing protection for the egg, minimizing cracks and checks.

Zn-Alu wire provides high corrosion resistance; wire partitions increase air flow for increased bird comfort.


The UniVENT-HRS 639 design follows the much proven qualities of the Univent Layer Cage System, only as a High-Rise system using a new Scraper Manure Belt removal design.


 The UniVENT-HRS design allows you to store manure in the building where it is produced, and then remove the manure once every bird cycle, or as needed. A heavy duty belt provides full protection for the birds from manure from the higher tiers. The design of the UniVENT-HRS provides an ideal environment for bird comfort and maximum egg production.


The new UniVENT-HRS provides the producer the ability to have more birds per house, all the while improving the quality of the environment with better air flow. With the UniVENT-HRS you will enjoy the many advantages of the Univent’s proven history, such as the Galfan® coating for a long lasting system, superior feed conversion and an egg collection system which minimizes cracks while maximizing profits.

Manure removal is both efficient and effective with the practical, and proven, manure scraper and heavy duty polypropylene belt. The scraper removes the manure from the polypropylene belt, which is in a fixed position. This design protects the cage and the birds from any contact with manure, while allowing for a smooth and complete manure removal. We create a better environment for your birds with a close mesh of the back wall, eliminating any contact with manure.

The heavy duty scraper, along with the wide and durable manure belt, make manure removal efficient and easy




How the UniVENT-HRS compares to a traditional A-frame high rise cage system:



  • House more birds (up to 22% more) with increased “live area” per tier
  • Taller cages provide more bird comfort
  • Better sanitary conditions with full protection from manure from the higher tiers, resulting in increased bird welfare and superior egg marketing appeal
  • Efficient and automated manure removal
  • Superior air flow maximizes air quality