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Layer Management System


Exceptional strength and durability— from the Big Dutchman Profit-Tier Layer Cage System

The Big Dutchman Profit-Tier Layer Cage System features superior stability and alignment; exceptional configuration flexibility; innovative cage design; effective manure handling; and the proven Champion Chain Feeding System.

Cages are attached to the feed trough at the leg stands for increased stability. An innovative foot design and screwed-together leg stands also maximize strength and durability. And with the Profit-Tier being made with Galfan your cages will last longer, and work more efficiently.

Superior suspension makes Profit-Tier stable and long-lasting: The Profit-Tier Layer Cage System incorporates Big Dutchman’s proven truss-rod suspension and extremely stable, durable A-frame construction. Profit-Tier’s unique suspension maintains alignment for exceptional strength and stability, increasing the life of the cage, feeding, and egg collection systems.



  • Flexible cage design with multiple profiles
  • Galfan wire coating will make your cage system last longer
  • Champion chain feeding for superior feed conversion
  • Efficient manure handling with your choice of curtain or dropping board manure handling systems
  • Low-pressure nipple drinker has a triple seal, reducing the probability of leaks. And a fully-enclosed watering system keeps dirt out and water clean
  • Profit-Tier’s gentle, safe egg collection produces fewer cracks and checks. The cage bottom is specifically sloped to control egg roll-out and prevent egg damage


Big Dutchman’s Champion™ Chain Feeding System is the most reliable and cost effective feeding system in the world.

The Champion Chain presents feed at pre-set levels and allows birds easy access to feed.

EGGCELLENT Egg collection system.

Big Dutchman’s new EggCellent egg collector uses an innovative design to provide high volume egg collection with less adjustments and maintenance and still providing protection for the egg, minimizing cracks and checks.

Zn-Alu wire provides high corrosion resistance; wire partitions increase air flow for increased bird comfort.