Big Dutchman provides a complete line of poultry and swine production equipment around the world and leads the industry in the design and production of products geared towards your current and future needs.

We offer practical, economical and environmentally-friendly solutions for the poultry and swine industries which include; broiler, broiler breeder and turkey meat production systems; a full range of pullet rearing and egg production systems, including belt/curtain cages, alternative and enriched colony housing; as well as manure management systems, bulk feed handling, feeding, watering, environmental control equipment and associated production computer control/management systems.

Big Dutchman stands for long-lasting quality, service, and unsurpassed know-how, and as the industry leader, our innovations will continue to positively impact the industries we serve. Every day farmers the world over realize the benefits of Big Dutchman’s dedication to innovation. From our poultry, pig and egg production systems, to our tightly integrated automatic controls, we continue to set standards for efficiency, productivity and reliability.

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Egg Production

Choose from cutting edge advances with Big Dutchman’s AVECH II Enrichable and Enriched Colony Housing systems, Aviary / Cage-Free, Rearing, and Layer Management Systems.


Poultry Meat Production

Big Dutchman pioneered the automatic feeding of poultry, and today we continue leading the industry with better ways to fulfill your flock’s need for feed.


Turkey Production

The efficiency and convenience of our complete product line will have a positive effect on your flock, and your bottom line.


Swine Production

Big Dutchman designs and manufactures products for swine production and sow management for producers around the world.


Big Dutchman Celebrates Expansion of US Headquarters

Big Dutchman USA is proud to announce the dedication of its newly expanded office and show room space. The attractive new two story building adds 12,000 sq ft to the existing facility, doubling office space for Big Dutchman’s currently engaged 138 employees. “The... read more

Big Dutchman welcomes TWO new employees

JE Dilday Big Dutchman welcomes JE Dilday as Regional Sales Manager for the Floor Sales Team in the Eastern US. JE comes to us from G&M sales in Ahoskie, NC where he was the facility manger. He ran a very productive Big Dutchman distributorship for over 10 years... read more

Interested in liquid feeding?

JOIN US FOR THE SWINE LIQUID FEEDING SEMINAR A SWINE LIQUID FEEDINGASSOCIATION SEMINARTUESDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2014SWINE LIQUID FEEDING: SOLUTIONS FOR SUCCESSFeaturing: Rene SchepensRene, born 1963, was raised on one of the first pure pig farms in southern Netherlands.... read more